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You won't get far if no one knows who you are

The RKD Studio is also a boutique marketing and communications resource possessing extensive experience helping companies, brands, and events capitalize on their holistic opportunities, connect with targeted audiences, and find the most cost-effective tactics within earned, owned and paid media.  

Specialized in serving the holistic needs of hospitality, entertainment, corporate and lifestyle clients, we’re driven to help them and others interest, entice and captivate key audiences.  Whatever your objectives or challenges, we are ready to help optimize the marketing mix – from corporate communications and media relations to digital marketing and social media.   Our MarComm team is results-oriented, creative, and adept at enhancing brands, connecting companies cost-efficiently with their key audiences, and facilitating media and community-focused initiatives.

The studio can help optimize event reach and impact before, during and after any grand occasion, or help you reach new customers, maintain relevance, communicate compelling narratives, or generate advocacy.  Need innovative ideas that are tastefully interesting, or tactics to stretch a beleaguered marketing budget? We’re here to help. We specialize in, among other areas: