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Branding, Advertising & Marketing Design

Everyone has a custom design need. Check out our services to see what design problems we can solve.

Logos Design by RKD Studio

Logos & Brand Identity

RKDS’ graphic design team has extensive experience in logo and brand identity development and can help you best establish or position your B2C or B2B business within your industry and with key potential customers. We’ll not only help establish your company’s image for core audiences, but imbue it with professionalism, personality, coherence and emotion.

After creating a logo, we can also help organize a cohesive brand identity, establishing the larger visual look associated with your company and how it is perceived in the marketplace and applied across all channels. We focus on understanding the brand essence and brand experience, or the emotions an encounter with your brand elicits. Then we foster brand identity by tying in all the elements like colors, typography, graphics, photography, and illustration to work collectively, for an appropriate and integrated identity designed to engage and drive recognition.

Digital & Print Advertising Design

Whether you’re targeting traditional print media like magazines and newspapers, or one of the myriad digital trade or consumer channels, RKDS specializes in helping brands attract, engage and excite key target audiences through design. From geo-targeted banner ads, to in-market display or social media advertising, our teams can help you create compelling advertising content appropriate for any digital landscape.

  • PPC Campaigns

  • Digital Display Ads

  • Retargeting Campaigns

  • Influencer Campaigns

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Magazine Design

Marketing Collateral Design

RKDS can design and produce all your print collateral needs that convey your brand and messaging, from custom and specialty prints and brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, menus, etc. We’re here to help you create materials that drive business development, brand awareness and brand loyalty.
We can also translate your marketing and branding into digital marketing resources and deploy them into targeted channels, as well as establish digital sales assets and marketing presentation templates that can help your team fill and close the sales funnel.