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Visualization & Rendering

Picture your event before it happens
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3D Renders, Illustrations & Virtual Tours

The RKD Studio’s design team also provides a variety of visualization services like VR, renderings, and illustrations.
We can help clients envision event concepts in a spatial way during the planning phase. Event designers convey their vision and aspirations, and you see your event before it happens.

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Event Concepts

Bring your event concepts to life! RKDS harnesses advanced 3D modeling software that can visualize any space in your event. Our renders assist visualize the event your heart envisages, or envision the design and aesthetic opportunities.

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Renders & Illustrations

Visualization tools can be a cost effective solution for communicating décor, lighting, prop and event set-up prior to finalizing a design and initiating custom builds related to a particular event, and ensure the desired results, well before it’s too late to make key changes.