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Social Media Services

The RKD Studio has expertise creating and managing personalized social media plans for brands and companies that are relevant, targeted and strategically aligned with business objectives. We can help establish a relatable brand that resonates with key audiences, develop content that attracts and engages, and deliver purposeful campaigns that advance your goals – whatever they may be.

From Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, to LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more, we can develop a content strategy that establishes a strong, targeted social media presence while driving the right social audiences to your company website, product, service, event, brand or experience.

We help our clients strategically drive interest and reach consumers - new and existing - through powerful social media campaigns around product launches, specials, discounts, milestones, events, newsworthy moments, and more.

With our insights and analytical data on tracking influencers, competitors, industry happenings, and target customers, our team is able to create on-trend content that inspires, engages, promotes, highlights, and positions your services on the social landscapes where people are spending their time and money.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your social media plans, create branded content, advance targeted KPIs, or get your online presence established, The RKD Studio can provide the following social media services:

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Campaign Strategy & Management

Identifying and segmenting target audiences, the competitive landscape, organizational and brand priorities, inbound lead generation tactics and systems, and integrating social platforms within the larger communications and media landscape.

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Blogger Relations & Network Building

Connecting with key influencers and networks to ensure your message is heard and understood, while positively resonating with your target audiences.

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Community Management

Communicating with and influencing key stakeholders while coordinating public affairs and community facing initiatives.

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Assessment & Analytics Dashboarding

Providing easy-to-understand reports detailing key performance indicators and metrics relevant to the executed social media campaigns.

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Social Event Marketing

Generating excitement for events of all sizes and themes, driving engagement, encouraging attendees to share their memories, creating unique and relevant hashtags and geofilters, streaming live highlights, etc.

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Social Media Content Strategy

Creating and customizing social media sites and campaigns tailored to our clients’ specific needs and objectives, across various platforms.

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Contests & Promotions

Customizing promotional content for social audiences and budgets to maximize results and optimize engagement, while leveraging audience insights and marketing, communications and visual design expertise.

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