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Media & PR Services

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Public relations across the whole media landscape

The RKD Studio’s marketing and communications professionals are experienced with comprehensive media plan development, media positioning and relationship management, as well as realizing results that resonate across the rapidly changing media landscape.

We help affiliated companies and clients increase visibility, reach and impact for campaigns by addressing media strategy and messaging; coordinating direct effective news prospecting, announcements, event promotions; and by developing the tools that support print and broadcast journalists with their coverage.

We work with clients not only to cost-effectively generate sales and awareness, but also to advance other strategic business objectives, alter perceptions, and deliver value to a business’ brand and bottom line.
Our media and public relations services include, among others:

Corporate Communications & Brand Narratives

Reputation is an asset, both earned and the outcome of others’ opinions, so it must also be established and protected due to its essential nature in today’s rapid and dynamic business environment. Every effective campaign starts with understanding and distilling our clients’ product and/or service utility and their unique and compelling story –their history, mission, motivations, passions, dreams and more.

Our team leverages creativity and intuition, research and consumer and industry insights to develop knowledgeable business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) media campaigns for our companies and clients that build a brand’s loyalty and longevity.

Our team helps capture and communicate a client’s core product and service benefits, corporate values, proactively mitigate risks, ensure a brand’s growth potential, its transparency, and connect with diverse stakeholders. We start by listening to clients’ needs and aspirations, and from this insight we develop unique selling points and story angles that aid advancement of appropriate corporate and brand narratives.

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Media Relations

We also help clients garner regional and national media attention cost-effectively that advances their client acquisition and brand awareness objectives. We help plan editorial content that is targeted to reach audiences both small and large and capitalize on media interest and trends.

Our team has experience and great success with press release composition and distribution, media outreach and interview scheduling, newsgathering management, media asset development and dissemination. Our editorial experience and media planning processes help develop targeted newsworthy content that fosters influencer engagement.

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Media Training & Thought Leadership

If the words “lights, camera, action” give your stomach butterflies, know you’re not alone. Strategic and tactical media training is one of the best ways to gain practice and foster confidence.

We can help clients anticipate what to expect from each interview process, prepare for the questions they’ll likely field, develop sound presentation techniques and practice on camera, so they can best stay on message, reduce stress, gain confidence, and grow more adept at managing their messaging.

We can also help transform executives into effective subject matter experts, connecting them with media outlets and speaking opportunities, or target trendsetters that elevate corporate and personal brand associations in competitive environments.

We can also help transform executives into effective subject matter experts, connecting them with media outlets and speaking opportunities, or target trendsetters that elevate corporate and personal brand associations in competitive environments.

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Restaurant Launches & Food Reviews

Have a new launch, re-launch or compelling new menu? Our team can leverage our deep experience and relationships within the food and beverage industry to help you captivate the critics and customers. We can position clients to ensure they have their strongest foot forward in order to obtain coverage and community engagement.

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Internal Communications

Internal communications campaigns can advance organizational objectives and enhance employee engagement, better harnessing a company’s greatest asset to support a wide range of sales, customer, change management, or other goals. Internal communications is important for advancing strategic business objectives and priorities, enhancing customer centric alignment, and connecting geographically dispersed teams with news they need to know. Internal communications can significantly impact employee retention, safety and advocacy, foster an environment of recognition, communication and collaboration, as well as disseminate trends, goals, benchmarks, organizational intelligence and learning.

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